• First Aid
    for Fuels & Oils

    Your complete solution to managing oil and fuel contamination and degradation.

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  • First Place

    When diagnosing oil or fuel contamination levels it pays to start with the award winning Particle Pal

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  • First Response

    The DFU-1 is the expert solution for your oil and fuel's health. So when you're looking for an all-round, versatile cleanup solution it makes sense to start here.

  • First Call

    Filtertechnik provide a comprehensive off-the-shelf range of oil and fuel treatment solutions. But if your project calls for something bespoke, it makes sense to come to the experts.

  • First for advice

    We don't just supply oil and fuel treatment products, we also explain the issues, provide consultancy and training and help you build a successful strategy for healthier fluids.

Fuel Polishing Filtertechnik - First Aid for Oils and Fuels

Filtertechnik are fuel polishing specialists suppling filter elements, filter bodies and filtration clean-up systems for oil, fuel, biodiesel, glycol and process fluids as well as a range of laser particle counting instruments and contamination patch test kits. Filtertechnik also have an in-house laboratory for accurately determining the type and quantity of contamination and water present in any given sample of oil or fuel.

Our First Aid for Oil and First Aid for Fuel brochures explain the issues surrounding water and particulate contamination and how to rectify the issues.  It also details our oil and fuel polishing equipment as well as test and monitoring services.