• restore heavily contaminated oil back to new condition

    Hydraulic, Gearbox and Lube Oils

    With over 25 years experience in filtration we are confident we can restore heavily contaminated oil back to a new condition. Our filtration systems will remove heavy contaminants, diesel bug contamination and remove water at the same time. Your engine will be more efficient, cleaner and more reliable. You will reduce your maintenance costs, reduce machine downtime and prolong equipment life.

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  • restore heavily contaminated process fluids

    Process Fluids

    We can restore heavily contaminated process fluids. Our filtration systems can be used to separate particles and fluid in a suspension, where the fluid can be a liquid, a gas or a supercritical fluid. We are the official distributer of Schroeder Industries.

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  •  heavily contaminated water glycols for thermal efficiency

    Water Glycol

    We can restore heavily contaminated water glycols for thermal efficiency. Water glycol hydraulic oil is used to transmit power, lubricate, seal, and transfer heat. As it is used and reused, it begins to absorb contaminants such as fines, tramp oil, and bacteria. As these contaminants build up and pass through the hydraulic system, which will result in breakdowns if this, is not treated. Filtertechnik engineer and build various quality filtration systems that will successfully remove particulate from the water glycol, and subsequently extends the life of the oil and your machine!

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  • Remove water and solid contamination from fuel

    Whats in your fuel tank?

    Remove both water and solid contamination to return fuel to a clean functioning condition. Filtertechnik have the most versatile filtration system on the market today! Our specialist systems can simultaneously remove both water and solid contaminants from a wide range of fuels. Our revolutionary filters are capable of removing harmful solid contaminants down to less than 1 micron. Utilising cellulose, VDM Filtersorb, synthetic media or polypropylene elements, these systems provide unparalleled filtration capacity. We can restore heavily contaminated oil back to new condition - remove particulate and water at the same time.

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Welcome to Filtertechnik - Manufacturers of industrial filtration systems, filter housings and oil and fuel polishing equipment


Filtertechnik specialise in the supply of filter elements, filter bodies and filtration clean-up systems for oil, fuel, biodiesel, glycol and process fluids as well as a range of laser particle counting instruments and contamination patch test kits. Filtertechnik also have an in-house laboratory for accurately determining the type and quantity of contamination and water present in any given sample of oil or fuel. As an OEM we pride ourselves on our in-house design and build capabilities. Our team can find solutions to the most challenging fluid cleanup tasks. Our standard and bespoke cleanup systems are available from stock to buy or rent. 

We have over 20 years experience in supply to the UK and overseas markets, our deep understanding of filtration and contamination control helps us tackle the most demanding of filtration applications, returning highly contaminated fuels, oils and process fluids to a clean functioning state.  We are the UK's No.1 manufacturer of oil and fuel polishing equipment.