OTU-1 Fuel Polishing System - 90 L/min (5,400 L/HR)

Stored fuel will deteriorate over time due to oxidisation and microbial activity of tank stored fuel. Tank storage is more susceptible to microbial activity as sludge is often found at the bottom of these tanks.
With this in mind Filtertechnik have developed a new range of fuel polishing units specifically for tank polishing: On tank units. The OTU-1 is a compact wall mounted fuel polishing cabinet designed specifically for the removal of particulate and water moisture contamination that can accumulate in stored fuel over time. With dual particulate and water removal and flow rates of up to 90 l/min the OTU-1 will leave your fuel ready for use anytime.  


  • Compact wall mounted unit
  • Stainless steel cabinet enclosure
  • Flow rates of up to 90 l/min
  • High volume dirt holding capacity to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 18/16/13 or better
  • Extensive selection of filter cell inserts to suit every clean-up application
  • Differential pressure gauge indication of system performance
  • Water drain valve on sump of filter housing
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • Safety features as standard; emergency stop, bacon alarm and float switch


  • Clean, dry fuel, ready for use when required
  • Recover and re-use contaminated fuels
  • Low running costs
  • Can be moved between tanks or dedicated to a single tank 
  • Ideal for tank cleaning and fuel recovery
  • Optional rela time analysis of oil/fuel cleanliness levels enabling cleaning to a pre-set ISO level
  • Ideal for remote facilities