ATEX OTU-1 Fuel Polishing System - 50 L/min (3,000 L/HR)

The ATEX OTU-1 is a compact and self contained, fuel filtration module equipped with high efficiency, absolute rated filtration, capable of removing harmful particulate contaminant and / or water quickly and economically. Fuel polishing has never been this simple.

Modern fuels will deteriorate over time due to oxidisation, FAME content and microbial activity. Stored fuel is more susceptible to microbial activity as sludge is often found at the bottom of these tanks. With this in mind, Filtertechnik have developed a custom made fuel polishing unit specifically for on-tank applications. With 1µm absolute filtration and a 50l/min flow, particulate and moisture contamination can be quickly and effectively removed.


  • Clean, dry fuel, ready for use when required
  • Recover and reuse contaminated fuels
  • Low running costs
  • Single pass cleanliness
  • Ideal for tank cleaning and fuel recovery
  • ATEX rated pump protected in a hazardous environment
  • Optional real time analysis of oil/fuel cleanliness levels enabling cleaning to a pre-set ISO level
  • Ideal for remoate facilities


  • ​Compact floor mounted unit
  • Flow rates of up to 50l/min
  • 1µm absolute filtration to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 13/11/18 or better
  • Extensive selection of filter element inserts to suit every clean-up application
  • Flow sensor to indicate blocked filters
  • Water drain valve on sump of filter housing
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray
  • Suitable for most diesel, kerosene and biodiesel (B100)
  • ATEX rated pump