Field diagnostic kit for WVO/UCO, base feed stocks & bio fuels

Get accurate and reproducible results on a wide variety of feedstocks


Developed for small-medium producers needing accurate, routine results that assure the quality of everyday production processes, the field diagnostic kit is perfect for testing the most critical in-process and storage parameters.


Easy to use and low cost, you can run a test in minutes with a simple feedstock-type independent, three-step process.


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  • Tested and verified on more than 50 different feedstocks
  • Feedstock-type independent method
  • FFA on any fat type including soy, chicken, canola, rape seed, hog, beef, yellow grease, jatropha, algal based, camelina, corn, …and more
  • Get total glycerin on any in-process or finished biodiesel feedstock.
  • Monitor acid number to check for degradation of your biodiesel during transport and storage
  • Automated result logging, excel formatting, and easy transfer to PC


  • Ideal for biodiesel producers & users of WVO/VWO
  • Low cost test method
  • Minimal or no sample preparation
  • No lab skills required
  • No lab equipment needed
  • Easy to use and transfer results
  • Additional protocols can be enables, such as biodiesel water screen, glycerin purity, and blend percentage) through simple USB-key upgrades