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What is Contamination?
Contamination is any substance with is foreign to a fluid system and damaging to its performance. It can either come from external sources or be generated from within. Contamination can exist as a gas, liquid or solid; some examples would be water, solid particulate and algae or ‘diesel bug’. The size of the contamination can vary from the size of a grain of salt, down to those undetectable by the human eye.

Why Filter?
Over 80% of all diesel and fuel system problems are caused by contaminants in the fluid. Even if no immediate failure occurs, contamination can dramatically decrease operating efficiency.

Contamination affects a wide range of systems and can accelerate component wear and decrease service life. Worn components in turn contribute to inefficient operation, seizure of parts, higher fluid temperatures, leakage and loss of control. Filtering a system’s fluid can remove many of these contaminants and extend the life of system components.

Why use Filtertechnik?

We have over 20 years experience in supply to the UK and overseas markets and our deep understanding of filtration and contamination control helps us tackle the most demanding of filtration applications. We have also made it our business to become experts in diesel bug, how to identify its presence and how to remove it as a contaminant. We can provide technical support and advice on a range of filtration equipment to provide the most economical solution for you. Fuel and oil health is our passion and is at the heart of everything we do.

Versatile and full range:

  • Filtertechnik specialise in filter bodies, filter elements and fuel and oil polishing systems for fuels, biofuels and used bio-oils. Just a few of the products we offer are outlined below but we can offer solutions for most applications;
  • A wide range of fuel filtration housings and cartridges
  • A standard range of small, medium and large cleanup systems, manufactured on site
  • Bespoke rigs for fuel and oil filtration, particulate cleanup, diesel bug elimination, water removal and fuel and oil polishing systems, ranging from from 5 Litres/min up to 1,000 l/min
  • A range of laser particle counting kits for field use to quickly determine the quantity of solid particulate and water in any fuel or oil sample.
  • Online particle counting, patch test kits and water sensing technology
  • A low cost in-house fuel advisory service to quickly determine what contaminants are present in your fuel sample
  • Fuel conditioning devices

Please contact us for more information. Our friendly staff are always at the other end of the phone or email ready to help and we have a team of UK based external sales representatives who will be happy to arrange to visit you.

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