Fuel Cleanup Systems

On July 17th 2017 IPU Group acquired Filtertechnik's Fuel Conditioning division. The move combines the UK's strongest lines of fuel conditioning products and services and establishes a team with unrivalled experience and expertise.

Key staff members are moving to IPU as part of the acquisition. Their contact details are:

Please direct all enquiries to IPU on 0121 511 0470, at www.ipu.co.uk/fuel or to Mike, Stuart and Andy directly.

Fuel & Diesel Polishing Equipment

Here at Filtertechnik, we design and build standard oil and fuel polishing systems, which assist in overcoming industry challenges associated with contamination.

We have a wide range of standard systems to suit most applications, but if you have more of a challenge, we also have a wealth of experience in designing and building bespoke systems. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All our designs utilise industry leading filtration technologies such as Schroeder’s pleated filter elements, Coalescing elements, High efficiency bag filters and our revolutionary new Filtasorb2 water absorption media. 

Filtertechnik will supply a filter cleanup solution to cost effectively remedy your contamination issue and then provide a solution to keep your system running efficiently.

We have recently launched our filtration rental fleet, capable of removing contamination from a wide range of fuels and oils. Being the largest rental fleet available in the UK, we have a comprehensive choice of systems to suit any application and budget

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please see below our range of systems:

  • DFU-1 : Portable Fuel Polishing filter cart - 80l/min (4,800l/hr)

    DFU-1 Fuel and Diesel polishing cart
  • DFU-2 : Portable Fuel Polishing System - 90 l/min (5,400l/hr)

    DFU-2 Fuel and Oil particulate and water removal
  • DFU-3: The Future of Fuel Polishing - 140-200l/min (8,400-12,000l/hr)

    DFU-3 High Flow Fuel Polishing System
  • DFU-4-Fuel Polishing System 500 L/MIN (30,000 L/HR)

    DFU-4 500 L/MIN
  • Mobile Fuel Filtration System - DFU-4 MU - 500L/min (30,000L/hr)

    DFU-4 MU
  • DFU-5 - Next Generation 1,000 L/Min Fuel Filtration Module (60,000l/hr)

    1,000 litres per minute fuel polishing system
  • BD5000 : Oil and fuel Polishing System - 10 L/min (600l/hr)

    BD5000 Oil and fuel Polishing System
  • Fuel Polishing Cabinets - From 5 to 1,000l/min (300 to 60,000l/hr)

    Fuel Filtration Cabinet - 100 -1,000 L/min
  • Static Fuel and Oil Filtration and Polishing Systems

    Static Fuel and Oil Filtration and Polishing Systems