Oil Filtration Systems

Here at Filtertechnik, we understand oil cleanliness. We have a range of systems whatever your budget and application.

Standard Systems
Our family of ready-to-go filtration and polishing products enable you to effectively remove water and solid contaminants to keep your oil sources clean, and your equipment performing at its best.

Bespoke Systems
We are expert designers and manufacturers, so that whatever your specific oil issues, we will design and deliver a bespoke solution so that you get exactly what you need for your specific project and application. We have an in-house design and build team that can find and build solutions to the most challenging cleanup or polishing task, regardless of the volume that needs to be cleaned.

Hire Fleet
If you require rapid clean-up of particulate and water from oil, or process fluids look no further. We offer the UK's largest filtration hire fleet to clean contaminated oils and process fluids, ready for same or next day delivery.

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