Standard filtration system

Standard filtration systems

Portable oil and fuel polishing units for the removal of water, diesel bug and solid particulate.

Filtertechnik design and build standard oil and fuel purification (polishing) systems, which assist in overcoming industry challenges associated with contamination.

Do you have contaminated oil and fuel issues?

  • Blocked engine filters
  • Sluggish engine performance
  • Water in oil and fuels
  • Microbial growth in fuel (Diesel bug)
  • Damaged injectors
  • Tank corrosion
  • Pump failure
  • Sludge at the bottom of tanks

Standard Systems:

  • Oil and Fuel cleanup from 10 to 1,000 litres per minute. 
  • Filter systems are highly portable
  • Utilise a staged filtration approach
  • Flow rates up to 80L/minute
  • Filtertechnik now offer a large range of oil and fuel polishing systems available to rent
  • Sentry Filtration System: 25L/min (1,500L/hr)

    Light Duty Sentry Filter Cart
  • SFC-3000 Filtration System- 18 or 45L/min (1,080 or 2,700L/hr)

    SFC 3000 oil filtration cart
  • IFC-3000 : Intelligent portable filtration system - 18 or 45l/min (1,080 OR 2,700L/HR)

    Filter Trolley with particle counter and water monitor
  • IFC-6050 : Intelligent Filtration System - 10 l/min (600l/hr)

    IFC-6050 Intelligent Filter Cart
  • DFU-1 : Portable Fuel Polishing filter cart - 80l/min (4,800l/hr)

    DFU-1 Fuel and Diesel polishing cart
  • DFU-2 : Portable Fuel Polishing System - 90 l/min (5,400l/hr)

    DFU-2 Fuel and Oil particulate and water removal
  • DFU-3: The Future of Fuel Polishing - 140-200l/min (8,400-12,000l/hr)

    DFU-3 High Flow Fuel Polishing System
  • DFU-4-Fuel Polishing System 500 L/MIN (30,000 L/HR)

    DFU-4 500 L/MIN
  • Mobile Fuel Filtration System - DFU-4 MU - 500L/min (30,000L/hr)

    DFU-4 MU