Laser Particle Counters - Online and Portable

Laser Particle Counters - Online and Portable

Save money, prevent expensive downtime AND see your oil contamination levels in real time

Perfect for proactive maintenance and on-line monitoring, our range of laser particle monitors are an innovation in technology. They are simple to use, give immediate ISO cleanliness code readings are low cost and can be used as an alarm to notify you of any changes in contamination levels. Each product is ideal for plotting ISO cleanliness trends and accuracy is +/- half an ISO code.

At the heart of our laser counting equipment is the PC9001 instrument. Utilising the exact same laser particle counting technology found in more expensive laboratory particle counting equipment, the PC9001 gives live readings of ISO, NAS or SAE readings.  It is rated for continual use in industrial applications and is the ideal monitor to flag sudden changes in an oil condition.

Always looking to bring innovative solutions to the market, we haven't just stopped there. This amazing technology is built into our range of portable particle counters that are manufactured here in Nottingham, including the award-winning Particle Pal.

  • Particle Pal: Live ISO/NAS/SAE particulate readings
  • Particle Pal PPM: Live particulate and genuine PPM (Parts Per Million) water content
  • Particle Pal W: Live particulate and % RH water (oils only)
  • PPM Pal: Parts Per Million water monitor calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Fuel Quality Monitor: Measures Diesel density to alert to the presence of kerosene or water as well as particulate and water content alarm above 300ppm

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, or if you would like a demonstration of our units, please get in touch and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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