On July 17th 2017 IPU Group acquired Filtertechnik's Fuel Conditioning division. The move combines the UK's strongest lines of fuel conditioning products and services and establishes a team with unrivalled experience and expertise.

Key staff members are moving to IPU as part of the acquisition. Their contact details are:

Please direct all enquiries to IPU on 0121 511 0470, at www.ipu.co.uk/fuel or to Mike, Stuart and Andy directly.

Eco2Pure Biodiesel Dry Wash Media & Systems

Washing Biodiesel is one of the oldest and most common method of cleaning biodiesel. About 3% of raw unwashed biodiesel is methanol. Methanol is a solvent, it captures soap and other impurities and holds them dissolved in the biodiesel. Our special wash soaks up that methanol, releasing impurities to be washed away with water.