Fuel polishing and Filtration Systems

Filtertechnik are manufacturers and suppliers of filtration solutions for oils, fuels, biofuels and process fluids.  We manufacture a standard range of fuel polishing systems as well as bespoke rigs for the removal of water, particulate, algal or ‘diesel bug’ growth at flow rates from 10 litres per minute up to 1,000 litres per minute.

Our systems are available on short delivery times, we have a rental fleet for hire at short notice.  We have over 20 years experience in supply to the UK and overseas markets, our deep understanding of filtration and contamination control helps us tackle the most demanding of cleanup operations returning highly contaminated fuels and oils to a functioning clean state.

  • DFU-2 : Portable Fuel Polishing System - 90 l/min (5,400l/hr)

    DFU-2 Fuel and Oil particulate and water removal
  • DFU-3: The Future of Fuel Polishing - 140-200l/min (8,400-12,000l/hr)

    DFU-3 High Flow Fuel Polishing System
  • DFU-5 - Next Generation 1,000 L/Min Fuel Filtration Module (60,000l/hr)

    1,000 litres per minute fuel polishing system
  • Static Fuel and Oil Filtration and Polishing Systems

    Static Fuel and Oil Filtration and Polishing Systems
  • Wall Mounted Polishing Cabinets - 50 l/min (3,000l/hr)

    Fuel and Oil Polishing Cabinet Enclosure