Permanent static fuel polishing systems

Static Fuel Filtration and fuel polishing systems

Filtertechnik’s fuel polishing cabinets and static designs provide the ideal fuel management solution for tanks and fuel storage systems. Once the fuel polishing system is fitted to the fuel tank, it can be configured to run automatically without supervision. The fuel can then be purified as frequently as required, effectively removing solid contamination, water and bacterial contamination (diesel bug) from the fuel.
With recent changes in the biofuel percentage in road fuels leading to problems with diesel bug and contamination, these systems will prevent this problem from occurring, and will ensure that the fuel in the tank remains clean and dry.

These units can be housed in protective enclosure and the system controlled via a programmable digital timer. We can also build systems with on-line laser particle counters fitted, these can be used to check that the fuel is always within the specified ISO code levels. The laser particle counters can be set to trigger the fuel polishing operation when fuel is contaminated and stop when it has achieved a pre-set standard.