Hydraulic and lubrication Filter Housings

At Filtertechnik we supply a wide range of pressure filter housings suitable for a variety of hydraulic filtration and lubrication applications. With Filtertechnik‚Äôs 25 years combined experience and expertise, we will always provide no-nonsense advice to ensure we select the right filter for the specific use.
We are an official European distributor for Schroeder's award-winning products, including filter housings, filter elements, breathers and oil conditioning products.
If you need additional help selecting a suitable body, please call the sales team. 
Pressure filtration: 
Pressure filters usually produce the lowest system contamination levels as they clean fluid for sensitive high-pressure components and provide protection of downstream components in the event of catastrophic failures. Systems with intermittent return line flow need to be sized to match the output of the pump, where the return line may require a much more significant filter for the higher intermittent streams.
Return line filtration: 
You should consider Return line filters when initial cost is a concern. Large cylinders and other components can cause return line flows to be much higher than pump output. Return lines can have substantial pressure surges, which need you need to consider.
In-Tank filters: 
In-tank filters are used to filter contaminant built up over time continually.
Off-line filtration: 
Off-line filters (kidney loop) are often used to supplement in-line filters
when you cannot obtain adequate cleanliness with system filters, or water ingress is an issue.
Breather filtration: 
Efficient filter breathers are required for effective contamination control on unpressurised reservoirs and should complement the liquid filtration component. These remove airborne particles and can also remove water from the atmosphere (desiccant).

We also manufacture the Hippo range of filters.  They are ideal as an off-line filter for simultaneously removing particulate and water from contaminated oils and fuels.

We supply a range of stainless steel bag filter housings for industrial process applications.


Below is a sample of some of the filters we can provide. If you can't find what you need for your application, please contact us to discuss in more depth.

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