Oil Test Kits

Contamination comes from two primary sources: they either enter the system from the outside (ingestion) or are generated from within (ingression). New systems often have contaminants left behind from manufacturing and assembly operations. Unless filtered as they enter the circuit, both the original fluid and make-up fluid are likely to contain more contaminants than the system can tolerate.

According to Noria (the industry body that promotes better lubrication practices), 80% of hydraulic & lubrication failures can be attributed to contaminated oil.

If you are in a business that relies heavily on mechanical equipment - mining, quarrying, transport, manufacturing, agriculture and shipping, for example, oil contamination can cause significant disruption due to mechanical failure.

The problem of oil contamination is one not to be avoided as clean oil not only prevents breakdowns it can also significantly improve the long-term life of your Hydraulic or Lubrication system

Filtertechnik understands that different types of contaminant affect components in different ways which is why we offer an unrivalled sampling and reporting service, as well as products to determine contamination and oil life which helps to choose the right course of action for removing contamination.

All of our test kits will help Engineers understand the quantity and levels of contamination in their fuels or oils.

Test with confidence!

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