Particle Pal Line

Portable fuel and oil cleanliness analyser

A rugged field kit fitted with an accurate laser particle counter that gives readings of cleanliness levels in real time.

Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the Particle Pal will provide instant cleanliness readings to allow you to fully understand the condition of your oils and fuels. The Particle Pal is a self contained system, complete with integral pump and controlled flow rate. The Particle Pal can draw from fuel or oil stored in tanks or from sample bottles. Fluid samples are analysed quickly and accurately, thereby minimising the frequency of laboratory analysis. Powerful trending software allows data to be displayed in graphical format for real-time trend analysis. The most cost effective fuel and oil cleanliness monitor on the market.

At the heart of the Particle Pal is the PC9001 laser particle counter, the same technology as found in more expensive laboratory test units. Readings are expressed as ISO, NAS or SAE counts.

Fuel Monitoring:

Modern fuels, with ever increasing biofuel percentages have created several challenges to industry in recent years. Fuel blends are highly hygroscopic which enables them to absorb greater amounts of moisture. This in turn leads to higher levels of micro-biological activity which are seriously troublesome to fuel systems. The Particle Pal will allow you to quantify the level of solid contamination in your fuel and will alert you to the presence of high moisture levels and diesel bug. The Particle Pal will identify the cleanliness code of the fuel, which will alert to the need for corrective action.

Oil Testing:

In Hydraulic and Lubrication systems real time cleanliness data can prevent serious system failure and component damage. By trending oil cleanliness in real time, the necessary protection can be put in place to protect sensitive components. Samples can be taken directly from the reservoir of fluid power systems or from a oil sample taken from the system.


Compact, lightweight unit with robust casing
Incorporates latest laser particle counting technology
Real time detection of solid contamination and moisture
Integral pump and rechargeable battery
Laptop connectivity for data transfer
Archive creation via Excel


Instantly measure the quality of oils and fuels
Ideal survey tool for field and laboratory use
Sample from fuel tank or sample bottle
Alerts to the presence of water and diesel bug in fuels

PC9001 - the laser counter at the heart of the Particle Pal
The PC9001 is a robust laser counter with excellent feature set. The PC9001 can be supplied on its own to be fitted into live systems, it requires a flow rate of approx 0.5L/min and can handle pressures up to 500 Bar. Filtertechnik also offer a range of add on solutions for controlling machine start / stop (when cleanliness levels are out of specification or the required cleanliness levels have been achieved).

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