DFU-5 - Next Generation 1,000 L/Min Fuel Filtration Module (60,000l/hr)

DFU-5 - Next Generation 1,000 L/Min Fuel Filtration Module (60,000l/hr)

DFU-5 Filtration Module

The DFU-5 is a powerful high flow fuel filtration module utilising a two-stage filtration principle, which ensures that solid contamination, microbial activity and water ingress can all be effectively removed in a single pass.

  • Flow rates can be selected at increments of 250 L/min up to 1000 L/min
  • Various insert cells are available to cater for even the most challenging clean-up applications
  • With Filtasorb2 fitted in the DFU 5’s 10 filter chambers the water removal capabilities are simply incredible offering fantastic performance and long element life
  • System rated at 10 bar working pressure with safety shut-off at 3.5 bar
  • Optional secondary connections allows the filters to be by-passed or third party pumps to be used
  • Automatic shutdown under alarm conditions

Optional Extras:

  • PC9001 - the laser particle counter that displays cleanliness levels of your fuel in ISO & NSA.
  • WMS-500 ppm: a water moisture sensor allowing your service engineers to see the real-time display of water within your oil
  • Fluid Sampling Points
  • Flow Meter
  • Telemetry for remote access

The DFU-5 filtration system brings power and performance that is essential when high volume filtration is required.


  • Fast and effective 1,000 L/min throughput
  • Intuitive User-Friendly Control Panel 
  • Fork lift ready skid design
  • Connection options to customer specification


  • Effective Filtasorb2 filtration media which removes both free water and absorbed water to under 100ppm
  • 1µ micron filtration efficiency for particulate removal
  • 7-day automatic timer allowing filtration to take place unassisted
  • Mild steel to ensure the unit is robust and capable of working in the harshest environments
  • E-Stop alarm button for instant shutdown