On July 17th 2017 IPU Group acquired Filtertechnik's Fuel Conditioning division. The move combines the UK's strongest lines of fuel conditioning products and services and establishes a team with unrivalled experience and expertise.

Key staff members are moving to IPU as part of the acquisition. Their contact details are:

Please direct all enquiries to IPU on 0121 511 0470, at www.ipu.co.uk/fuel or to Mike, Stuart and Andy directly.

Fuel Advisory Service

Your fuel might be contaminated or have diesel bug present. Take advantage of Filtertechnik's low cost advisory service.

We offer impartial advice and guidance on the cleanliness and condition of your fuel including any recommended action - delivered in a simple, easy to understand format.

With the recent changes in the modern fuel specifications, contaminated fuels, whether in storage or in the distribution chain, are now widespread. Solid particles, diesel bug and water are real issues that can leave fuel unfit for use, clog filters and cause engine failures.

From a sample of fuel posted to us we will quickly determine the level and make up of contamination present, both solid particulate (including the presence of diesel bug) and give a water content ppm value determined via a Karl Fischer test. Each sample is low cost and a 2-3 day report turnaround is normal. On the test report sheet we will also advise what, if any, remedial action should be considered in order to return the fuel to a useable state.

Our fuel advisory service reports on the following:

  • Cleanliness expressed as an ISO code
  • Water content ppm, derived from a Karl Fischer technique test
  • Simple traffic light system for easily interpreting the results
  • Your fuels condition relative to the accepted requirements by the WWFC
  • Alert to the presence of diesel bug
  • Recommended action to remediate the fuel (if required)
  • A microscope photograph of the contaminants present in the fuel caught on a 0.8 micron slide