Fuel Polishing Cabinets - From 5 to 1,000l/min (300 to 60,000l/hr)

Fuel Polishing Cabinets - From 5 to 1,000l/min (300 to 60,000l/hr)

Modern diesel fuels can degrade very quickly due to the inclusion of biodiesel.  Sludge, organic growth and water can form in as little time as 6 months.  Degraded fuel can lead to poor performance, breakdowns and down time.

Oils are at risk too; the manner in which they are stored can introduce contamination in a number of ways such as water and rust ingress. Even new oils may not be in-line with your equipment’s cleanliness specification.

In order to protect your equipment, a regular fuel/oil maintenance programme is paramount.

Our exciting new range of fuel polishing cabinets combine technological advancements and flexibility for a complete solution to your contamination concerns.

The fuel polishing cabinets shown are fitted into standby generation and UPS systems in several industries including Financial Services, Healthcare and Telecommunications.

The fuel/oil in the tank is kept clean and dry as the fuel cabinet is fitted with a high performance polishing system which simultaneously cleans and dries the fuel or oil. This allows you to achieve or surpass the desired cleanliness levels on site.

Fitted with a 7 day programmable timer, the system can be set up to run as frequently as required and an alarm will indicate if there are any problems. These systems are designed to "fit and forget" and allow you total peace of mind that your fuels or oils are ready for use at all times. 

Did you know?

A single fuel polishing cabinet can be configured to clean up multiple tanks on a rotational basis, perfect for applications limited on space. Using advanced timing mechanisms and motorised ball valves, just one of our systems can fulfill all of your polishing needs.

If you would like more information on how we can help with your individual application, please contact one of our team to discuss your requirements.


  • IP55 protected unit - a wide range of enclosures available, capable of working in even the most challenging environments
  • Solid, robust fixed installations as well as mobile options available
  • Fitted with industry leading Filtasorb2 cells
  • Fully programmable 7-day digital timer
  • BMS integration


Optional Extras

  • Fuel conditioners
  • Particle Counter & software for live reporting and data capture
  • Water monitors (PPM)
  • Water auto discharge drain
  • FuelView Telemetry to enable remote monitoring and control from any location


  • Ideal for remote facilities and standby generators
  • Clean and dry fuel/oil surpassing industry cleanliness specifications
  • Low running costs
  • Optional real time analysis of oil/fuel cleanliness levels enabling cleaning to a pre-set ISO level
  • Filtasorb2 to remove particulate down to ISO 18/16/13 or better and water to under 100ppm