FS9V2-PPM-DEN: Special Fuel Quality Monitor version of the Particle Pal

FS9V2-PPM-DEN: Special Fuel Quality Monitor

The Particle Pal Fuel Quality Monitor is a self-contained fuel quality testing system, complete with integral pump and governed flow rate. Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the Fuel Quality Monitor will provide instant cleanliness and density readings allowing you to quickly determine if your fuel is within specification.

Samples from a live delivery, fuel tank or sample bottles can be analysed quickly and accurately, thereby minimising the frequency of laboratory analysis. This pro-active maintenance approach is ideal for sites with multiple fuel tanks, thereby making the Fuel Quality Monitor the ultimate survey and diagnostic unit.

The Fuel Quality Monitor is fitted with a Laser Particulate Sensor, Accurate Water PPM sensor as well as a highly accurate Density Sensor that can alert to the presence of just 1% by volume of kerosene or water, some of the fluids typically substituted in diesel to save cost. Works on all diesel fuels, bunker fuel and gas oil.

Please contact us for compatibility with your fuel.

Particle Pal Range

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New FS9V2-PPM-DEN Particle Pal: Live Particulate, Water PPM and accurate Density sensor to alert to the presence of kerosene, water or any other foreign substance


  • Self contained with on-board pump
  • Real time detection of solid contamination and moisture
  • Real time graphic display via software
  • Real time density check with rapid response time
  • Alerts to the presence of water, kerosene or any other non diesel substitute
  • Laptop connectivity for data transfer
  • Archive creation via Excel
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Incorporates latest laser particle counting technology


  • Compact, lightweight unit with robust casing
  • Viscosity range (1-8 cst)
  • Accurate, repeatable and consistent results
  • Instantly measure the quality of all modern diesel and marine based fuels such as gas oil and bunker fuel
  • Ideal survey tool for field and laboratory use
  • Samples from a live delivery, fuel tank or fuel polishing cabinet