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Hippo Specifications

Flow range: 1-10 L/min (dependent upon fluid viscosity and filter cartridge option)
Pressure: 10 bar maximum
Temperature: 120°C maximum
Filtration range: Down to 1 micron nominal (dependent upon cartridge selection)
Water removal: Yes, dependent upon cartridge selection
Connections: 3/8” BSP (F) or 1/2 BSP (F)
Mounting: Manifold (twin pot) or bracket (single pot) both available separately filter pot 2

Cartridge Change Procedure
1. If possible remove the suction hose from the liquid reservoir and run the system for a while to purge the oil out of the filter housings.
2. Ensure the pump is turned off and there is no pressure retained in the system.
3. Slowly undo the four securing bolts in a diagonal pattern and remove the lid. Be prepared for possible oil spray and wear eye protection.
4. Remove the cartridge using a twisting and pulling motion.
5. Check alignment of perforated base disc if used.
6. Change the cartridge ensuring it is firmly pushed on to the central mounting lug.
7. Inspect the lid seal and replace if necessary.
8. Replace the lid and firmly tighten the four bolts, by hand, in a diagonal pattern, torque to 15Nm
9. Run and check for leaks.
10. Run for 10mins and confirm lid bolts are secure.

Cartridge Change Intervals
The cartridge change interval depends upon two different factors. The cartridge(s) should be changed if either of the two following conditions are met;
• The differential pressure across the housing (or housings if arranged in parallel) increases by 1 bar over the base operating value.
• The cartridge has been in service for 200 hours. Where the unit is used continuously on very dirty oil or oil contaminated with water, the cartridge may require changing more frequently.