QCF : In-line bulk fuel coalescing filter

The QCF bulk coalescing filter is a highly effective method to remove water from diesel fuels stored in bulk fuel tanks.


Water is typically introduced into the fuel supply by condensation. This can cause several problems such as;

  • Water in a vehicle fuel system can reduce lubricity causing seizure of close tolerance parts and increased wear.
  • Water in fuel storage tanks causes rust and promotes microbial growth.

Microbial growth in fuel storage systems begins in free water at the tank bottom and can quickly migrate through the fuel. In warm weather, microbial “blooms” can quickly overwhelm and bypass fuel filters causing contamination to reach the fuel injectors.

Today’s high pressure fuel injector systems have tighter tolerances and require complete water removal to minimize wear related failures.


The QCF bulk fuel coalescing filter will protect critical equipment and components.


Please contact us further to discuss how the QCF can help you and your fuel.


  • Up to 265 L/min for ULSD15
  • Fuel and water separation media technology in a three-phase element construction
  • Can be upstream (suction side) or downstream (pressure side) of transfer pumps
  • For use in single-pass fuel dispensing or multi-pass reservoir clean-up and continuous maintenance
  • The Schroeder coalescing units are rated at 99.5% single pass efficiency
  • Capable of removing free water and particulate matter from ULSD 15 (and similar petroleum fuels), biodiesel and all blends, along with synthetic diesel and all blends. 


  • High efficiency, single-pass removal of free-water in Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and Biodiesel fuels
  • Helps protect expensive, vital engine components against failures caused by water contaminated fuel
  • Can separate emulsified or finely dispersed water from fuel
  • Ideal for bulk oil filtration and power generation applications