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Posted: 30th July, 2015

Filtertechnik’s new range of Neptune oil dehydration units are perfect for returning water contaminated oil back to health in an efficient and cost effective manner. The electrically powered, trolley mounted, units can be used for cleaning oil in fixed or mobile plant.

British company Filtertechnik Ltd has designed and developed a rugged range of oil dehydration units that can return severely contaminated oil down to acceptable levels of water content quickly and efficiently. By utilising the revolutionary Filtasorb2 filtration media the Neptune range is able to remove oil with a water content of many thousand parts per million (ppm) down to under 100ppm in a very short space of time.

The Neptune range consists of 4 units with different flow rates:

• NDU-1NX, 15 l/min  (900 l/hr)
• NDU-2NX, 25 l/min  (1,500 l/hr)
• NDU-3NX, 50 l/min  (3,000 l/hr)
• NDU-4NX, 100 l/min (6,000 l/hr)

Neptune units are ideal for cleaning and dehydrating lubricating and hydraulic oil in paper and steel mills, in wind powered equipment, gearboxes, large industrial plant and machine tools, injection moulding machines and industrial, construction and agricultural mobile equipment.  Neptune dehydrators are also capable of drying transformer oils to under 50ppm water content.

Tests conducted by Filtertechnik show that the filtration time is in the range of 30 minutes up to 3 hours for a test application (see below) and so a Neptune model with an appropriate flow rate should be chosen for a given application. The two larger Neptune models feature twin filter or quad housings that allow for higher capacity dehydration.

The time taken for each Neptune unit to clean 1,000 litres of hydraulic oil contaminated with water at 2,500ppm down to under 400ppm (a safe working content for hydraulic oil) is as follows:

NDU-1NX: 200 minutes
NDU-2NX: 120 minutes
NDU-3NX: 60 minutes
NDU-4NX: 30 minutes

Should on-site verification of both oil cleanliness and water content levels be required during the filtration process the Hydrotechnik Particle Pal W can be attached to any of the Neptune units using convenient quick connect fittings. The Particle Pal W, which employs the latest laser particle counting and water sensing technology, gives real time measurement and display of oil cleanliness (ISO/NAS/SAE) and water content (%RH). The filter media used in Neptune units has high volume dirt holding capacity enabling oil to also be cleaned down to ISO cleanliness codes of 18/16/13 whilst water is stripped from the oil.

Filtertechnik’s new Neptune range is the perfect solution to the problem of water contamination, they are capable of quickly and easily remove emulsified, entrained or free water from oils. Neptune makes economic sense too with low capital and consumable costs. Neptune units are available from stock to purchase or as a cost effective alternative units can be hired from Filtertechnik on a weekly basis.

  • Neptune range of Oil Dehydration Units

For a limited period (offer ends 30/09/2105) Filtertechnik is offering industrial operations a free oil sampling kit and water content analysis report. Anyone who suspects that they have a water contamination problem in a machine should call Filtertechnik on 0800 0087 456 or Email


Most oils and fuels have a maximum allowable water content level. When water levels exceed this value, whether as emulsified, entrained or free water, moisture related problems are inevitable. With diesel, the maximum allowable water content level is 200ppm. In mineral hydraulic oil water content up to 400 ppm is permissible. When water content exceeds these permissible levels a series of problems may occur including:

• Fuel Oxidation
• Formation of paraffin and asphalt long chain polymers
• Microbial growth and associated contamination
• Additive depletion leading to premature component wear
• Seized spool vales
• Acid formations
• Gel Formations