Filtertechnik launch the fuel cleanliness guide

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Posted: 21st April, 2016

We have been providing fuel management advice and solutions to a variety of industries for over 25 years and are excited to now be launching our pocket fuel cleanliness guide.

We have picked the brains of our technical team to create a useful go-to guide, ideal for those on site who need quick tips to solve fuel related problems.

It has been well documented that the change in the way fuel is made has led to stored fuel degradation and consequential costs. It has become more important than ever to understand your fuel.  

  • Fuel Cleanliness Guide

From understanding the latest fuel specification and ISO cleanliness codes, to discovering the correct way to sample fuel our guide covers fuel management from start to finish in a simple and easy to understand format.

Do you know the different forms of contamination and the consequences? Are you aware of how microbial growth can affect the life of your fuel? Find the practical advice you need packed into our handy fuel cleanliness guide.

From data centres to rail, telecommunications to healthcare, we have worked hand in hand with some of the biggest names to provide impartial advice and the right fuel solution for them.

We are proud to offer simple, no nonsense help and advice on the simplest and most cost effective methods of managing fuel.  Why not ask us and find out how we can help keep your fuel clean and your equipment protected.

Download the fuel cleanliness guide below.