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Filtertechnik will be attending the National Fluid Power Centre

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Posted: 11th February, 2016

We are excited to be attending the National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) along with Hydrotechnik UK Ltd next Wednesday.

Based in Worksop, the NFPC is the leading technical centre for training in fluid power systems and controls, with specialist facilities and highly skilled staff dedicated to hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics/control.

Since 2013, the NFPC Industry Open Days have hosted some of the top names in the industry and this year promises to be even bigger. Over 50 top exhibitors are confirmed, alongside numerous technical lectures hosted by professional experts, providing world class, up to date information from the movers and shakers in the fluid power industry.

As well as being a great opportunity to network with both current and prospective customers and suppliers, the day will the perfect time to showcase some of the latest technology to come out of our research facilities.

We will be bringing with us a sample of our innovative Particle Pal range - our ‘all in one’, portable oil cleanliness analysers. The all-encompassing range of systems provides cleanliness readings in real time to give you a clear understanding of the condition of your oils.

  • Particle Pal

In addition, powerful trending software allows data to be displayed graphically and alerts you to the need for corrective action. With high pressure options available as well, samples can be taken straight from the hydraulic system, reducing the need for costly and time consuming laboratory analysis.


We are proud to be part of such an exciting even and look forward to seeing you on the day.