Keep your fuel/oil clean over winter with our hire fleet

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Posted: 8th December, 2015

Why leave your fuel/oil unprotected over winter?

At this time of year oil and fuel applications can experience start up problems due to the increased viscosity at cold temperatures. In many cases this can cause mechanical or increased wear on system components leading to unecessary replacement costs. 

Please see chart (on the right) showing this correlation:

  • Temperature and Viscosity Correlation

In response to this growing costly problem we continue to hire out our fleet of both permanent and mobile diesel and oil polishing filtration systems

We cater for the majority of applications whether it is particulate removal from your tank or moisture from fuel injectors. With a wide range of flow rates available from 5 L/min to 500 L/min we can remove contamination swiftly.

Our filtration systems are also ready for immediate deployment and next day delivery* and as with all of our filtation systems they are designed and built in the U.K.

If you struggle to secure enough capital to purchase the equipment this could be an effective and economical alternative.

With over 20 years experience within filtration we understand that no two applications are the same so whether you are mining and need to filter hydraulic oil for your plant hire equipment or are running an emergency diesel generator for a hospital, we have the filtration systems you need.

Please call our experienced team today for clean, dry oil and fuel ready to use at anytime.

*UK mainland only