Neptune Oil Dehydrators making front page news

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Posted: 4th November, 2015

Our new range of Neptune oil dehydration units have been making front page news!

Utilising Filtasorb2 filtration media the Neptune range is able to remove oil and water content of many thousand parts per milllion (ppm) down to under 100ppm within a very short time frame. Our range are ideal for cleaning and dehydrating lubricating and hydraulic oil in paper and steel mills, in wind powered equipment, gearboxes, large industrial plant and machine tools.

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Tests conducted by Filtertechnik show that the filtration time is in the range of 30 minutes up to three hours for a test application and so a Neptune model with an appropriate flow rate should be chosen for a given application. The two larger Neptune models feature twin filter or quad housings that allow for higher capacity dehydration. 

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Incredibly the time taken for each Neptune unit to clean 1000 litres of hyraulic oil contaminated with water at 2500ppm down to under 400ppm (a safe working content for hydraulic oil) is as follows:

  • NDU-1NX: 200 minutes
  • NDU-2NX: 120 minutes
  • NDU-3NX: 60 minutes
  • NDU-4NX: 30 minutes

This makes the Neptune range the ideal filtration system to achieve clean and dry oil, ready for use at all times.

No wonder we are making front page news!