Particle Pal End Of Year Sale Special Offer

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Posted: 12th November, 2015

For a limited period of time we have a select few of our award-winning line of Particle Pals for sale. Based on a first come first served basis, the incredible prices provide the perfect opportunity to obtain top class analysis equipment at budget prices. Get real time analysis results for your fuels and oils and find out in minutes whether action is required to prevent costly breakdowns.

Please find a full list of our Particle Pal range, prices & stock levels..  

Particle Pal
£1,850ea (List price £3,200) x 7 off

Particle Pal with water & RH sensor (oils)
£2,200ea (List price £4,400) x 4 off

Particle Pal PPM (diesel - genuine water ppm counter only)
£3,950ea (List price £4,800) x 3 off

Particle Pal WMS (fuels - genuine water ppm & particulate)
£4,950ea (List price £8000) x 3 off

We also offer the Fuel Quality Monitor (particulate, water, density) made to order
£9,878ea (List price £14,250) x 1 off

Please note these special offer prices will be limited to the stock list mentioned above when the products are gone normal list price will resume.