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Posted: 25th November, 2015

We are excited to announce that the ever-popular DFU range of filtration and polishing carts has had a makeover!
For the past few months, our expert design team have been working hard to hone and perfect our range of fuel polishing carts. Not only will the DFU range have a different look and feel, it also has improved specifications in answer to ever increasing market demands.
All our systems are designed and built right here in the UK but specified all over the world and are always fully compliant to industry specifications. Each system is available with an extensive and versatile range of filter cells to cater for almost any cleanup application and with ISO codes of 18/16/13 or better and water removal to under 100ppm, cleanliness levels are unparalleled.
Each of our new-look DFU systems are outlined below to give you just a taste of what is available.
The DFU-1 – fuel cleanliness in its simplest form. The DFU-1 is our entry-level system, designed for maximum performance within tight budgets. At 80l/min, it has enough clout to tackle most smaller fuel cleanup applications and is both rugged and easy to maneouvre.
The DFU-2 – for those that need that little bit extra, the DFU-2 is perfect. Featuring increased capacity, flow rate and water removal capabilities, it is still easily fitted into most budgets as well as being simple to use and transport. The DFU-2 is also available with a whole host of optional extras, from particle counters to flow meters and more.
The DFU-3 – With a combination of flow rates of 140-200l/min and high capacity housings, the DFU-3 is the first of our more heavy-duty DFU systems and is perfect for larger or more complex applications. The introduction of series flow path allows useful staged filtration whilst the clever design means it remains easy to move from system to system.
The DFU-4 – Need more power? An incredible 500l/min can be achieved with the newly revamped DFU-4. With more power usually comes more responsibility but we have made it our mission to ensure even our larger systems remain simple to use and with user-friendly interfaces.
Looking for fuel polishing on the move, the DFU-4 is also available as a self contained, fully portable trailer system – see our DFU-4-MU for more in-depth details.
The DFU-5 – 1000l/min fuel polishing has arrived! Providing you with all the power you need, the DFU-5 has made a huge impact on the market already, with several of the big players regularly using one of these incredible systems. Maintaining the versatility and ease of use already popular in our smaller systems, the DFU-5 has changed the face of fuel polishing forever!
Filtasorb2 - Need the best water dehydration filter? Filtasorb2 is now available for all of our housings and able to remove water from fuels to under 100ppm.
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