Revolutionary new Fuel Quality Monitor

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Posted: 30th July, 2015

Revolutionary new Fuel Quality Monitor 
Portable field kit to accurately determine Density, Particulate and water content in all Diesel fuels, Gas Oils and Bunker fuels. 

  • Fuel Quality Monitor

Filtertechnik, an innovator and market leader in the supply of oil and fuel condition monitoring equipment, is proud to announce its latest Fuel Quality Monitor instrument. This is a completely new development and is an expansion of its award winning Particle Pal line of products.

Delivered fuel can often be out of specification for various reasons.  It is not uncommon for Diesel, Gas oils or Bunker fuels to be tampered with or have a substitute added such as kerosene or even water to make up the volume. 

This is a particular problem in emerging African Nations where fuel theft is common. When diesel for example, is required to fuel critical jobs such as standby power generation in hospitals, data centres and large buildings, then the quality of the fuel is critical to the performance of the generators. Sub standard fuel or fuel that has been tampered with can cause catastrophic engine failures.

Filtertechnik have added a very accurate in-line density sensor to its award winning Particle Pal product to create a self contained ‘lab in a box’ field kit that accurately evaluates the density of the fuel passing through it in real time. In addition, fuel passes through a laser particle counter and water sensor to give both water content and an ISO cleanliness code of the fuel being measured. The density sensor is able to detect a 1% addition of a foreign substance such as Kerosene being added to diesel.

The Fuel Quality Monitor is manufactured in the UK, it is a rugged field instrument that has its own rechargeable battery and internal pump. Fuel can be sampled from a live delivery via access points or from a sample bottle.

‘The return on investment is very high, a single fuel delivery that is found to be out of specification or has been tampered with could pay for the Fuel Quality Monitor immediately’ says Richard Price, MD of Filtertechnik Ltd.

‘This product adds to our growing line of oil and fuel analysis instruments and is expected to sell in large numbers.’

For more information on Filtertechnik’s new Fuel Quality Monitor please visit: email or call Filtertechnik on 01159 003550.