The Hippo triumphs again on hydraulic oil

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Posted: 16th November, 2015

The Hippo (FTP-180) continues to clean hydraulic oil to impressive cleanliness levels across a variety of hydraulic oil applications. For the manufacturer of exhaust pipes continually replacing contaminated oil that powered the presser machine proved costly.

  • Hippo (FTP-180) enclosed

What the company required was a portable filter housing with low cost filters that was able to continuously clean a large tank (550 litres) of oil down to 3 micron over five days.

The solution from Perfect Filtration, our South African distributor, was the Hippo (FTP-180). The portable hippo filters were fitted onto an enclosure that could be manoeuvred around the factory to the tanks of oil.

After five days of using the two hippo filters oil samples were taken. The results proved the effectiveness of the hippo filters. The oil was filtered down to 19/09/15 from the original ISO cleanliness levels of 14/08/15. As well as the filtered oil, our hippo filters reduced the time to service oil meaning minimal interference for production.

  • Official Oil sample report









Overall our hippo filters cleaned oil to a suitable condition and saved time from the eventual shutdown of the presser from contaminated oil.