• Fuelling fewer break downs for the rail industry

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    The company we have been working alongside provides hydraulic components and oil/fuel filtration equipment, as well as service and maintenance packages, for a diverse range of industries, including the rail sector.

    They are preferred suppliers for many train operators, rolling stock, infrastructure and OEM rail companies across Europe, looking after both their diesel and hydraulic systems. Their portfolio includes servicing for a large number of cross channel trains.

  • Showcasing our latest innovations in fuel cleanliness!

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    Filtertechnik are delighted to be exhibiting at the FPS EXPO this week for the 6th year running. Why not come and see us to experience the latest exciting innovations in fuel cleanliness?

    Problems with contaminated fuel? Visit our stand and speak to one of our expert team who will be on hand to help solve your fuel problems. Whatever your application, we have the right solution for you.

  • Filtertechnik Deliver sky high savings

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    The aviation industry demands the cleanest possible oil which in turn requires heavy investment in maintaining and servicing the often highly stable synthetic fluid. In order to achieve this in an effective and economical way, oil filtration needs to take place regularly to ensure that the correct ISO cleanliness levels are met.  

  • Injection Moulding & Filtration

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    Injection moulding is the process of injecting molten plastic at high pressure into a mould to form a given shape. Hydraulic pressure is at the heart of most injection moulding machines, regardless of the make. The hydraulic system provides the force behind pushing the product into the mould and then splitting the mould open again.  

  • Particulate Clean Up After Hose Failure

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    All hydraulic systems require leak free hoses for the safe transfer of fluid to power to components such as cylinders and rams. Hoses are normally integral to the running of most hydraulic systems. As hoses are continually used they can often fail from time to time.

    Common reasons to why hoses fail:

  • Filtasorb2 launched by Filtertechnik

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    Filtasorb2 launched by Filtertechnik

    An innovative new British technology for the removal of water from oil and fuel

    Filtertechnik, a leader in filtration technology and clean-up systems for fuel, biodiesel, oil, and process fluids, has launched Filtasorb2, its revolutionary new water absorbency media. Filtasorb2 is set to revolutionise the market for removing both free and absorbed water from all oils, bio-based oils, biodiesel and modern blends of diesel fuel, both from a technical point of view and as a viable economic proposition.