Particle Pal W - particulate & water content %RH

Particle Pal W - particulate & water content %RH

Real time measurement and display of particulate and water as % RH (% Saturation)

We have further developed the award winning Particle Pal by integrating a water monitor that displays the percent saturation or relative humidity (RH).

By incorporating the TWS-C water sensor into the compact design, you can now get instant water % saturation levels for accurate, repeatable measurement as well as the same features the original Particle Pal offers; ISO/NAS/SAE readouts of particulate cleanliness.

Why is water level measurement so important?

Most oils have a maximum allowable water content level. When water levels exceed this value, whether as emulsified, entrained or free water, moisture related problems are inevitable. Rapid oxidation, depletion of additive packages and rusting of internal components are just a few of the many problems that water in oils causes.


The Particle Pal can be used in a range of applications and industries including mining, rail, construction, hydraulic and mechanical presses, marine and many more.


To find out how the Particle Pal can benefit you, please contact one of our expert team to discuss further.


  • Incorporates latest laser particle counting technology 

  • Real time detection of solid contamination and moisture %
  • RH 
Continuous monitoring (inline measurement)

  • Integral pump and rechargeable battery 

  • Laptop connectivity for data transfer 

  • Archive creation via Excel
 Temperature compensation

  • Long-term stability


  • Live ISO, NAS and SAE results plus water content %RH
  • Compact, lightweight unit with robust casing

  • Sample direct from oil reservoir
  • Measures the quality of oils in real time
  • Accurate, repeatable and consistent results
  • Ideal survey tool for field and laboratory use
  • Own branding available