PPM Pal - Water Monitor Unit

PPM Pal - Water Monitor Unit

The PPM Pal offers real time measurement and display of water in parts per million (ppm) suitable for fuels and oils.

It is a compact field kit with built in pump and gives live water content levels for accurate, repeatable measurement of parts per million (ppm).

The WMS500 water sensor at the heart of the PPM Pal measures the absorbed water content in hydraulic oils, mineral and silicon based oils, bio based oils and diesel fuels.


Why is water level measurement so important?
Most oils and fuels have a maximum allowable water content level. When water levels exceed this value, whether as emulsified, entrained or free water, moisture related problems are inevitable.

With diesel, the maximum allowable water content level is 200ppm. When high water content is present, a series of problems may occur:

  • Fuel oxidation

  • Formation of paraffin and asphalt long chain polymers

  • Microbial growth and associated contamination

  • Additive depletion

  • Acid formations

  • Gel Formations


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  • Real Time PPM measurement

  • Temperature compensation

  • Long-term stability

  • Continuous monitoring (inline measurement)

  • Calibrated against Karl Fischer titration (ASTM D1533) up to the point of total saturation

  • Built in rechargeable battery and pump


  • Compact, lightweight unit with robust casing

  • Sample direct from fuel tank, sample bottle, fuel polishing cabinet or oil reservoir
  • Accurate, repeatable and consistent results
  • Ideal survey tool for field and laboratory use
  • Own branding available