DBE-4 Desiccant Air Breathers

DBE-4 Desiccant Air Breathers

Desiccant Air Breather Specification


Element Contamination Retention Capacity: (2μm), 26g
Operating Temperature:  -20°F to 210°F (-29°C to 99°C)
Storage Temperature:  from -40°F(-40°C)


Water Retention Capacity: Max - .13 gallons, Actual – .08 gallons
Optimal Air Flow Rate: 28 SCFM
Max Drying Capacity at Medium Humidity: 880 SCF
Max Drying Capacity at High Humidity: 530 SCF


The DBE desiccant air breathers are perfect for include new and retrofit applications, gear boxes, hydraulic reservoirs, wind turbines and many more.


  • DBE-4 Schroeder Desiccant Air Breather Cross Section

Features and Benefits

  • Unique air flow design with suction tube as splash protection and protection against absorbent getting into the tank
  • 2 stages of absorbent provide optimal combination of drying efficiency and water retention
  • Pleated air filter with 2 μm filtration rating
  • Reusable base with check (intake) and bypass (outflow) valves
  • Check valves prevent absorbents being saturated during system downtime
  • Bypass valves divert out flow away from water removal media to preserve its life
  • Robust Zinc die-casting connection piece with integrated anti-splash baffles
  • Replacement cartridge available in 3 different size