Filtration solutions for waste vegetable oil, virgin feedstocks, tallow & chicken fats

The need for effective filtration & pre treatment

Most biodiesel is made from waste vegetable oil (WVO) collected from catering and food production facilities, or from virgin feedstocks.

The WVO often contains high levels of Free Fatty Acids, moisture as well as solids, other impurities and contaminants. These can be removed using correct procedures. There are also considerations that need to be made when using tallow and rendered fats.

Making vegetable oil based fuels is a simple and straight forward process, but it needs to be done correctly in order to achieve any recognised standard of quality. We have a range of equipment perfect to help you in your production.

Choose from our range of;

  • Free Fatty Acid Indication strips
  • Field Diagnostic and Titration Kits
  • Filter cartridges (reusable or disposable)
  • A range of filter housings to suit all budgets and production levels, including low cost and stainless steel housings
  • Skid mounted units are available in varying sizes, staged and high volume filter rigs  
  • High performance filtration elements in different materials and pore sizes: low cost polyprop, nylon recleanable and mesh screen are available

Irrespective of your budget and production levels, Filtertechnik have a WVO filtration to suit your operation. Why not contact us for more information?