Filter Cell - MagnaGrab

If you are experiencing problems with metallic particulate in oil and process fluids, the solution is at hand.

Protect your cartridge and bag filter systems with our MagnaGrab cleanable magnetic prefilter for increased filter life and improved filtrate quality.

Remove metals from oils and process fluids and protect system components from harmful metallic particulate.

Cartridge and bag filtration systems are used in many process industries for coarse and fine particulate removal. The life of these filters can be increased by protecting them upstream with MagnaGrab.

Four high intensity magnetic rods are suspended in a standard bag housing to remove both large and small ferrous particulates that would otherwise block the final filter or pass through it and remain in the process fluid. Once fouled the magnets can be simply cleaned off and returned to duty.

MagnaGrab can be permanently installed or used as a portable unit with flexible hoses. Use for single pass
pre-filtration or re-circulation for maximum particle removal.

For more information on how MagnaGrab can benefit you, contact one of our team.


  • Improved filtrate quality
  • Improved protection of valves, pumps, heat exchangers etc
  • Increased filter life
  • Reduced running costs
  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduced down time
  • Cleaner system