Aquacon® Cartridge - AD Series

AD Series cartridges were developed in cooperation with a major oil company for diesel fuel applications.

Balancing effective water and dirt removal with economical life, AD cartridges have become standard for most diesel users and can also be used with biodiesel.

The AD design also significantly restricts flow when a water slug is introduced.

Applications which can benefit from the AD series cartridges include motor gasoline, hydraulic and lube oils, diesel fuel, biodiesel blends and FAME.


Please contact us for more information on the AD Series cartridges and how they can benefit your application.


  • Maximum diesel flow rates ranging from 57-379 l/min (15-100gpm)
  • Nominal filtration efficiency is 25 microns.
  • Effluent water levels are typically below 50 parts per million



  • Significant flow restriction prevents harmful amounts of water from passing downstream
  • Removes silt and rust
  • Effective protection combined with economical life