Water and Solid Removal Cartridges - SDFC

The most harmful contaminants in fuels are the sub 5µm particles, often which are also the most abrasive.

Standard in-line filters mostly filter down to 20µm efficiency. Our SDFC cartridges remove solid down to 2.8 micron.


Fitting into our versatile Hippo filters and ideal for most oils and fuels, this cartridge simultaneously removes water and solid contamination.


Please contact us if you would like any more information on how our fuel and oil cartridges can benefit you.


  • Holds +/- 2kg of solid contamination
  • Holds +/- 800ml of water
  • Water and contamination removal
  • Removes final production residues


  • Long life filtration cartridge
  • Wide range of oil and fuel compatibility
  • Low cost, economic cartridge option
  • Quantity kept in stock