Homebrew Wash & Polishing System

Our complete Biodiesel Wash & Polish Station is the ideal, economical choice for purifying biodiesel in a single pass.


Perfect for beginners, it is simple to use yet has the lowest production cost per litre.


Some of the features and benefits of this unit are outlined below.


If you would like any further information, please contact us.

We have a wealth of experience with biodiesel and will be happy to help.








  • 240 volt mains power supply
  • Pressure gauge fitted
  • Holding vessel for purification media bed
  • 2 Kg Eco2pure™ holding capacity
  • 1000 litres per changeout
  • Lowest cost, high grade stainless steel
  • PED certified
  • Continuous flow or batch style
  • Includes suction and transfer hoses
  • Integrated On/Off switch


  • Fits along side your Biodiesel processor
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Free training
  • Simple to operate, robust design
  • Lowest production cost per litre
  • No settling tanks required
  • Single pass technology
  • Slim space saving design
  • Filter free wash process