Titration kits

Using this kit will enable you to accurately determine the amount of Free Fatty Acid (FFA) in your vegetable oil. Knowing this will allow you to accurately determine the amount of catalyst required for a complete reaction.


How it works

The acidity amount or % of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) is required to determine how much catalyst to add to the oil in the manufacturing process. The % FFA is determined by accurately titrating the oil with a Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution of known concentration. An indicating solution is added to the oil which changes colour to pink above pH 8.7, that is known as the “end point” of the reaction. The amount of solution added to the oil is then used to calculate the amount of catalyst to add per litre of oil. 


The calculation is very simple. The amount of NaOH you have to add to the solution is equal to the amount of “extra” catalyst that you need to add per litre of used oil. The only difference occurs if you use Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide as your catalyst.


The titration test will give you a number (technically referred to as acid value).
Every 1ml titration result will tell us to add an extra 1 gram of catalyst (lye or KOH for each litre of oil/ffa you are using to make biodiesel).



If you would like any more information on our titration kits, or any of our field test kits, please contact us. We will be happy to help.



Each model comes complete with:

  • 1x 2.5L plastic bottle of 2-Propanol
  • 1x 1L bottle of 0.1M sodium hydroxide standard
  • 1x 100ml bottle of phenolphthalein indicator solution
  • 1x pack of 5, 10ml glass bulb pipettes
  • 1x 15ml self filling automatic burette with base
  • 1x 250ml plastic measuring cylinder
  • 1x 250ml glass conical flask
  • 1x green pipette pump
  • Please Note: Place the green pipette pump onto the pipette before starting out.