1 micron absolute filter media

  • 1 micron element
Our Next Generation filter media provides superior filtration, cleaning contamination in oils down to 1 micron absolute. With its universal fitting, the filter element can be inserted into our stainless steel filter housings for clean and dry oil in no time and is capable of guaranteeing ISO cleanliness 14/12/10 or better.

This cartridge has been designed to fit into all Filtertechnik stainless steel filter housings and our extensive range of oil filtration systems. Our filter media and cartridge design meets the highest levels of quality and incorporates a crush-protective centre tube to ensure durability and performance in the toughest applications.

Filtertechnik has been supplying filters for fuel and oil applications to a wide range of industries over the years. We pride ourselves on providing the best filter media no matter what the application. Our latest 1-micron absolute filter media is a market leader, able to remove particulate contamination down to 1 micron absolute in a wide range of oils. The filter has six layers providing maximum efficiency and dirt-holding capacity with minimal pressure drop. The filter media can operate within pressures of 150psi making it suitable for filtering hydraulic fluid in power machinery.

Are you looking for one filter media for all applications?  

Filtertechnik’s most efficient filter media is now available in cartridge format. These High-Performance filters offer exceptional clean-up capability and unrivalled dirt holding capacity. Contamination reduction down to 1 micron absolute. 

No matter if you are working with oils, water or process fluids, the filter media can comfortably remove contamination down to 1 micron absolute. The filter media has been tested extensively in our world-class laboratory with contaminated oils, and the results are evident.


  • Cleans a wide range of fuels & oils down to 1-micron absolute
  • Dirt holding capacity of 509 grams
  • Universal design means it is compatible with all of our standard fuel polishing systems Available from stock for immediate delivery
  • Crush protective centre tube for maximum protection


  • Hydraulic applications Data Centres 
  • Marine
  • Automotive 
  • Fuel Polishing systems 
  • Oil Filtration systems 
  • Oil & Fuel refineries 
  • Tank Farms 
  • Stand-by Power Generation Petrochemical
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