2 POT OIL POLISHING SYSTEM: 10 L/min water and particulate removal

Our market leading hippo filters are now available to hire in the twin filter configuration.

The Hippo series of filters can be used to enhance the life and performance of other, more expensive system filters. Wear and tear is greatly reduced by effective removal of harmful particulate down to under 3 micron and water ingress.

The low cost aspect of the unit continues with our high capacity filter cartridges which are inexpensive and keeps the cost of your consumables down.

The BD5000 can work extensively across multiple applications; commercial vehicles, mining, rail, power generation, steel production, marine, construction, military, plastic injection moulding, waste management and many more.


  • Up to 10 L/min
  • Eliminates water from oil using cellulose elements
  • Solid removal down to 2.8 micron
  • Able to remove 0.7 Litres of water per element
  • Economic cartridge - cost effective consumables
  • Portable and easy to manouvre between tanks


  • Clean and dry oil surpassing industry cleanliness levels
  • Low running costs
  • Able to re-use oil
  • Easy to install
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