6RZ - Schroeder Elements

6RZ elements are made using the industry leading Schroeder Z-Media. Manufactured with the utmost precision, Z-Media is unrivalled in dirt holding capacity, particle capture, beta stability, pressure drop, flow rate and operating cost.

The varying layers of filter media within these elements provides the idea combination for peak filtration performance, improving efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs.

Available in a range of micron ratings, please see below for complete specification.


OD: 2.2 (55mm)
ID:  1.1 (28mm)
Length: 2.2 (55mm)

Media Type: Synthetic Microglass
Media Application: Suitable for Hydraulic Oils, Petroleum Based Fluids, High Water Content, Invert Emulsions, Water Glycols, Phosphate Esters (add 'H' - EPR seal required), Skydrol (add 'H.5')
Seals: Buna N O-Ring (Viton and EPR option available)
Temperature ranges: -20 F TO 225 F (-29 C TO 107 C)
End Cap: Steel
Collapse Rating: 150 PSID

Micron Ratings Available: 

6RZ1 - 1µm
6RZ3 - 3µm
6RZ5 - 5µm
6RZ10 - 10µm
6RZ25 - 25µm
6RZ40 - 40µm


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