ABC Air Breather Check

Air Breather Check Specification


Flange material: Forged steel

Flange finish: Black phosphate (suitable for welding)
Port sizes: See chart below for listing of available port sizes


The Air Breather Check (ABC) takes the guesswork out of when to change your air breather.

It doesn’t care how dirty the air breather looks or how long it’s been installed. It only cares how well the breather is working.

The air breather check is calibrated in inches of water and will activate, providing a visual indication, when a vacuum equivalent of 15 inches of water (3.75 kPa) is reached.

The ABC can be reset simply by depressing the yellow button and used over and over again.








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Features and Benefits

  • Schroeder has a line of reservoir weld flanges. These flanges have SAE female O-ring port threads and are intended to be welded into a reservoir.
  • Fewer leaks
  • Cleaner installation
  • Reduced cavitation of pumps/aeration of oil when used on suction lines
  • Faster assembly time
  • Reduced contamination (no pipe dope or Teflon tape being introduced into the system)
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