Coalescer / separator cartridges - OS Series

The OS Series combination coalescer/separator cartridges filter dirt and remove water from aviation and diesel fuel.

Designed to fit into VF-61 and VF-609 housings, performance is improved due to Teflon coated screen separators and reliable radial sump seals.

Flow is from outside to inside through the cartridge and coalesced water is repelled by the separator and drops to the sump for daily draining.

Clean, dry fuel then exits the cartridge through the nozzle at the top.


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  • Can be used with pre-mixed fuel containing anti-icing additive
  • One piece replacement combination coalescer and separator cartridge
  • OS-51288 Cartridge: Laboratory tested to 0.2% water in incoming fuel, 10 ppm in effluent*
  • Teflon® coated screen separator
  • Reliable radial sump seal design
  • Nominal 0.5 micron particle efficiency for jet fuel and avgas; 5 micron for diesel fuel
  • Minimum 75 psid collapse strength
  • Flow direction – outside to inside
  • Operating temperatures up to 240°F (115°C)
  • 5 - 9 operating pH range
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