DBE-4 Desiccant Air Breathers

New DBE Long Life Desiccant Breathers

The new breather dryer DBE (with extended service life) was initially developed for the wind industry and offers many commercial advantages for general industry. The special features of the filter are the two separated chambers storing two absorbent types with different water holding capacities and response behaviours. Four check valves are integrated in the filter bottom in order to protect the absorbent material, avoiding saturation during system downtime. The dirt holding capacity of the filter is increased through the star-pleated air breather filter element. All included new features contribute to an extended lifetime of the breather dryer.

Colour Indicator

As the gold silica gel absorbs water, it turns green to indicate that it has reached its functional capacity and that replacement of the breather is required.

Low cost replacement Absorbent

The DBE is designed so that the base with all the internal check valves remains in place and the absorbent Silica and/or air filter pleated pack are low cost replacement items compared to standard desiccant breathers.

Desiccant Air Breather Specification

  • Element Contamination Retention Capacity: (2μm), 26g
  • Operating Temperature: -20°F to 210°F (-29°C to 99°C)
  • Storage Temperature: from -40°F(-40°C)


  • Water Retention Capacity: Max - .13 gallons, Actual – .08 gallons
  • Optimal Air Flow Rate: 28 SCFM
  • Max Drying Capacity at Medium Humidity: 880 SCF
  • Max Drying Capacity at High Humidity: 530 SCF

DBE desiccant air breathers are perfect for both new and retrofit applications, gear boxes, hydraulic reservoirs, wind turbines and many more to protect against both dirt and water ingress. 

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