DFC-3000: Oil drum filter trolley

DFC-3000: DRUM OIL DISPENSER AND FILTER TROLLEYThe DFC 3000 is a rugged drum trolley and filtration system designed to carry and clean 208-litre drums of oil and supplied with two standpipes and hoses for efficient fluid transfer. Oil supplied as new is often out of cleanliness specifications and can now be pre-treated before and during dispensing in to live systems. With a flow rate of 45 l/min, this drum trolley has two high quality 14" filter housings fitted which can quickly clean oil ready for use, and this allows for the cleaning of large volumes of oil on the drum trolley before or while dispensing oil. The filters can remove both solid particulate and water. The DFC 3000 Drum Trolley filter unit also gives you the option of staging filtration via a vast element selection. Cleanliness levels down to ISO cleanliness code 14/12/9-13/11/8 are achievable. Use the DFC-3000 to remove large contaminants in stage one and smaller particles in stage two. This staged process will reduce the frequency you need to change your elements. The dual-filter design also means that you can introduce a water removal element, giving the option to remove both solid and water contamination in a single pass. Typical applications include: •        Providing clean oil when re-filling and adding fluid to the system reservoir•        Drum Trolley with filtration also allows for periodic filtration of the liquid in a hydraulic reservoir as a supplement to continuous filtration system filters•        Cleaning up your hydraulic system before restarting the system following component failure•        Reclaiming contaminated fluid•        Pre-filling and cleaning up hydraulic systems on new or re-built machinery and equipment.•        Supplementary Off-line contamination of hydraulic systems•        The Drum trolley is ideal for emptying waste oils in a system quickly ready for transportFull Range of Consumables Available:

Schroeder 14VZ 14" Absolute Filter Element available from 1µm to 25µm

Schroeder 14VM 14" Washable Metal Element available from 60µm to 150µm

Schroeder 14VW 14" Water Removal Element 

Please contact us, and one of our team of experts can discuss your requirements with you in more detail.


  • Powerful 45 L/min flow rate
  • Dual 14” filter housings for continuous filtration
  • Offers the possibility of staged filtration
  • Low cost consumable in a range of micron ratings
  • Cleanliness level down to ISO cleanliness code 14/12/9-13/11/8
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Uses standard 110 or 240VAC mains electric
  • Water removal option available
  • Rapid, complete barrel transfer Portable
  • Perfect for mobile use


  • Rugged design
  • Easy to transport
  • Increased dirt holding capacity 
  • Flexible filter element selection – water removal option available
  • A range of element micron ratings available 
  • Easy element changeover
  • Perfect for replenishing systems with filtered oil, end of production line flushing and emptying waste oil quickly
  • Low-cost consumables available in a range of micron ratings
  • Simple element changeover
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