DPP175 Colour Change Indicator

The DPP175 is a simple way to check a filter status. The DPP175 has been one of our best selling products since its development nearly 20 years ago. It uses the same 1.75" bolt pattern as the DPP975 indicator and serves as a lower cost option for manufacturers. The indicator comes in a variety of different pressure ranges and uses a simple two colour "pop" style visualiser to show when a filter needs cleaning.

Benefits & Features

  • Two colour indicator that changes from green to red at specified pressure drop
  • Remote mounting base option
  • Lowest cost filer indicator we offer
  • Teflon coated springs available on special ranges
  • Max system pressure: 300 psi
  • Interchangeable with DPP975

Model number example: DPP175-RMB-8

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