Early warning oil contamination system

Filtertechnik have developed  an early warning system for hydraulic oil contamination designed to work inside a powerful hydraulic machinery, with in-cab display and alarms as well as additional off-line oil filtration. Designed to warn against rises in oil contamination due to particulate or water ingress. This system will extend service intervals as well as product life due to better filtration and early warning of contamination build up.

Over 80% of all hydraulic failures are caused by oil contamination. Particulate and/or water build up in  hydraulic systems has a dramatic effect on shortening component life such as pumps and servo valves. Filtertechnik have developed a hydraulic oil contamination alert system combined with additional system filtration which extends service intervals. In-cab display of ISO cleanliness levels along with visible and audible alerts/alarms when too much contamination is present. This system will extend the service life of valuable hydraulically driven equipment via heavy duty absolute filtration and water removal media.


  • Live cleanliness codes in real time
  • Alerts to rises in contamination which will lead to component failures
  • Additional off-line filtration to keep oil clean and dry
  • Off-line filters work continually independently of the hydraulic system
  • Clean in-cab LCD display of the ISO Cleanliness Code
  • Flow & pressure measurement ensures system performance


  • Early warning of oil contamination
  • In-cab display and alerts
  • Additional filtration to help remove water and particulate ingress
  • ISO cleanliness codes displayed in real time
  • Reduce downtime due to increased reliability as a result of cleaner oil
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