End Of Production Line Flushing

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) need to ensure their machines are clean when they roll off the production line. Dirty machines lead to expensive warranty claims and impair the performance of the hydraulic system.


Our clean-up modules tackle this problem head-on! Not only do they take out harmful microscopic contaminants from the oil, clean up the reservoirs and remove water, they also cleanse the internal circuitry which results in high performance, reliable machinery.


The filter module shown is specified by one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction plant equipment. This system ensures all production machines meet or exceed the desired cleanliness standards. With only 20 minutes to clean up a large piece of construction equipment, high flow rates and exceptional filtration efficiency are required. When the cleanliness level is reached, our PC9001 laser particle counter sends out a signal and the next machine is moved in and the process repeats itself. 


Whatever your application, we can keep your hydraulic oils clean, dry and working to optimum performance. Contact us to see how we can help.

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